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Token Smart Ring – The Ring of all Smart Rings?

Don’t you hate it when you’re’re ready to leave the house to conquer the day, then realize that your car keys are somewhere in the house hiding from you? How about reaching for your badge as you pull up to work right on time, only to remember that you never grabbed it off the kitchen counter. I’m sure we’ve all experienced frustrating moments like that quite a few times. There are so many things we have to keep track of on a daily basis that those incidents are bound to happen. Well a company called Tokenize Inc has taken this into consideration and created the token smart ring.

There have already been smart rings used for payments or fitness tracking, but this will be one of the first of its kind to introduce biometrics and connectivity with smart locks and other third party devices. The token smart ring is a technology that wants people to move through the world conveniently, yet securely.

What can the Token Ring do?

The better question may be what doesn’t it do. This is an all-purpose ring that enables you to have everything you could need right on your finger. It rids the hassle of having to keep up with key rings, transit cards, and other essentials. Let’s just go ahead and dive right into its capabilities. As of note, all the pictures showing the features below were taken directly from Token Ring’s Website.

Biometric Security

Token uses 2 factor authentication to protect your information. All credentials are stored on a secure element located inside the ring, and it never leaves the ring. You can think of it the way secure chips are stored in credit cards. Your credentials are stored and only one fingerprint can be programmed to a ring due to how much personal information is on it. Therefore you would be the only one who can use your ring. Without the paired fingerprint, none of the capabilities can be used.

Once you authenticate yourself using the fingerprint sensor, the ring uses another sensor to make sure the device is on your finger. It is called an IR optical sensor. When it senses that your finger is no longer in the ring, it locks the smart ring. That means the ring can’t be used until the sensor lets the ring know your finger is there.

So the steps to use the ring are as follows:

1. Authenticate your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

2. Once the ring is on, the optical sensor will detect your finger is there, and will allow you to access the all of its functionalities.

Below is a picture from their website showing where the sensors and secure element are located on the rings.

Token Design

Credit Card Payments

The token smart ring allows you to make payments without needing the physical credit card. It only requires you to pair your credit card with your ring. Once it is paired, you can use it at any store that has a NFC payment device. When you scan the ring over the NFC device, Token will first check your fingerprint to authenticate you. Once you’re authenticated, the charge will be made to your linked credit card. This feature of the ring is integrated with Master Card and Visa.

Credit Card

House Key

To use the Token Ring as a house key, you would have to order the Token Home Kit with the ring to get installed on your house door. The Kit uses NFC as well to communicate with the ring. So to lock or unlock your door, all you have to do is hover your ring over the device. It would rid the hassle of having to keep up with your house key. Below is a picture from their site of what the home kit looks like, and how to hover the ring over the pad to lock and unlock it.

Door Lock

Car Key

With the Token Car Kit, you would no longer need to carry around a key full of rings. With the kit installed, all you would have to do is hover your ring over the door handle to lock and unlock the door. The token ring uses bluetooth frequency to communicate with the token car kit.

Car Lock

Transit Card

Your ring can also be used as your transit card payment. It allows you to just tap and go at over 50 public transit systems.

Transit Card

Computer Login

Another capability is the ability to unlock your laptop. It is in works to replace the need for passwords for Mac and Windows computers. With the tap of your token smart ring, it would be able to unlock your computer based off your fingerprint.

Computer Body Copy

Access Badge

Your access credentials can also be used as an access card to your work place.

Access Card12


Below is a list of the features:

  • Battery Life of 7-14 days
  • Charge time is up to 3 hours
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Commuication through NFC & Bluetooth
  • Secured with EAL5


The design of the ring is a little more bulky compared to other rings. There are only 3 styles to choose from:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Black Carbon
  • Rose Gold

It also comes with a wire charger that can be used as a ring stand.

How hard is it to set up?

Pairing your finger and entering your credentials into your token smart ring. It’s not hard at all. It only consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Pair it with your phone using the token app

2. Scan your fingerprint using the token ring

3. Add your credentials, a house key, car key, and etc using the token app

Would it benefit me?

Of course there is no product that is completely perfect There were a few drawbacks that stood out to me about the ring. One is having to buy third party devices for some of its functionality. So while buying the ring, you would also have to buy the home kit or the car kit separately if you wanted those features of the ring. That can become quite costly. Also, with so much technology packed into the Token smart ring, it is a little more on the bulky side when it comes to design.

Even with those slight disadvantages, i think that the token smart ring is a great investment. It would definitely bring more convenience to your life having an all in one key and credit card sitting on your finger. The technology is secure, and has taken smart rings to the next level.

Where to Buy?

*** September 2019 Update***

When i wrote this article last year, the token smart ring was still in the testing phase. Since then, updates have been scarce, until this month!  The Token Ring will be available in Q1 of 2020 with limited features. The features it will have are for payments and business access. The other features are still in development and will be available in future roll outs.  Here is a link to their post with more details and their complete road map: https://medium.com/tokenring/the-path-to-releasing-token-139676fa5809

***April 2020 Update***

Here’s another update on the progress of the Token Smart Ring availability. As of now, Token is having an Exclusive Release. This means they’re making Token available to certain  groups of people. These groups include  who have pre-ordered rings, who joined their waitlist, and certain others.

However, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t fall in any of those groups. They’re also having a limited release which means they’re allowing people to order now based on how many rings they  currently have available. The limited release are only for U.S. residents at the moment. Shipping of the Token Smart Rings start this month, and they  are being priced at $349. Click here if you’d like to order the Token Smart Ring.

Feel free to leave comments below with any questions and your opinion about the product!


  1. As a Lord of the Rings fan, I love the play on words you used to title this article. Is this really the One smart ring to rule them all? I’m very surprised and impressed by this ring’s versatility. As you mention, is there anything it can’t do? I think the most useful application, for me, would be as a house key. It would be nice to never have to fumble with keys in the dark again. As for the use of third party apps for some of its functionality, do you worry about security compromises as a result of this? 

    • Hey Tucker,

      I was impressed with the ring’s versatility as well. You brought up a great question. The site doesn’t talk much about the security of the app. I believe the app is only needed to be used when adding credentials. 

      However, I  believe that with the partnerships the token ring is making with companies such as visa and master card, security will definitely be a major part when dealing with big time companies such as those. I think that with the internet there are always possibilities of security compromises, but i’m sure the app will be secured correctly.

  2. Woow!!! Amazing features from a ring. I’ve been seeing smart rings I don’t think I’ve ever come across one as sophisticated as this. I can’t wait to have one of this. This is a very big innovation in this digital nomad age. Btw you didn’t put the link to where we would join the waiting list. 

    Thanks for sharing bro

    • Yes I don’t think I’ve came across any other smart ring with this much flexibility in what it can do. And I updated the article with the link to the waiting list, good catch.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello!

    Wow, that article was very interesting to read! At first sight it sounds to me like something from science-fiction movies, but after I read it, I realize it is definitely possible. In article you described the Token Smart Ring very well so everyone can understand it and I am sure this information will be helpful. 

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Token Smart Ring.Technology has been advanced there is no doubt on that.Smart ring seems to be a great component which will help the owner to do many things in a short time.For example instead of looking for key to my room,I will tap on my door and enter.Oh my…So interesting.

    But I have a question.What will happen if the owner of the smart rin died? What will happen to the door,bank account,laptop,…?

    • That is a great question julienne. I assume that the same steps would be taken if the token smart ring weren’t used to access it. The smart ring is only used as another means to access these things. So if someone were to die, no one else could use the ring to access any of their personal information, such as credit card and laptop. However, the processes of what happens to their personal assets still happen the same way legally as it should be.

      As far as the home kit and car kit, it would not allow anyone to unlock it hands free using the token smart ring, but they could still access it manually using a regular key. So the token ring doesn’t really affect how things are done once someone dies, it is just a more convenient way to do everyday things.

  5. This is so interesting. Do you still need to use your fingerprint for scanning if you already have the token smart ring? I’ve never seen this before. But I guess the usage is pretty limited only to smart gadgets rights? If I am driving a car bought in year 2010, how can this be applicable? Is there any additional gadgets I need to install into my car to make this function?

    • Hey Florence,

      I’m not sure what you mean by your first question. Are you asking can you get more than one Token ring? And it is not limited to only smart gadgets. You can use it with your debit card and with your laptop. All of these are possible because of partnerships with other big companies.

      To use the Token Ring with a car, the Token Car kit would have to be ordered and installed on your car door. They didn’t say anything about the year of the car making a difference. I don’t think that it would.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. What?!


    This ring is like having The Force! I had no idea technology is already so advanced! They literally made the One who rule them all! And then are called Token..Tolkien..get it? Sorry. 

    This is such a good find! Do you know how much it will cost, maybe? Or if you’ll need to download any extra software to sync it with the smart ring?

    • Hey Katya,

      These are all great questions. The token ring costs $249 and there is currently a waiting list for all those interested in buying. The only software you will need to set up the token ring is the Token app. Nothing else is needed.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. It’s amazing how far technology has come. Some few years ago all these did not exist. A ring that makes use of technology that’s just amazing. I definitely have to get my hands on this. It’s features are really amazing and it can do a lot. This looks like something that exist only in movies. This is definitely a proof on how far technology has come.

  8. Hi, what a nice device. I think these gadgets or smart accessorises will be the future. Of course there will be a lot of extra cost because everything you want to have access to must be configurated.

    The only thin I miss in this ring is that it can serve a nice hot cup of coffee lol. 

    I tried to find out how many places accept the NFC payment system but only leaned what it is. Is this system already common in use ore just very rarely installed?

    • Hey Stefan,

      Yes being served coffee would have been a great feature as well lol. As for the NFC payment system, it is available in the U.S. but it just hasn’t become a popular form of payment just yet. I believe that as people become more comfortable with contactless payment, it will become as common as swiping your credit card. Even though it is not very popular as it is in other places such as the UK, NFC is offered by some of our industry’s heavy hitters such as Visa.

  9. I must say that I have never heard about this ring before and it is pretty interesting. Honestly I don’t know if I could get one because is it possible that technology is taking our life little by little? I am afraid that people will become just like robots in the near future.

    • I believe that technology has become an essential part of our lives, but I don’t think it will make us robots. I believe that it will improve our way of living.

      Thanks for reading Daniel!

  10. The Token ring sounds absolutely amazing – it certainly would make life simpler and less cluttered. 

    Being able to wear this smart ring takes smart devices up to a new level, and from what you say, I assume that if you unfortunately lost the ring, you would merely be losing a ring, and no one would be able to access your personal information.

    The biggest disappointment to me was to learn that it is only available in New York. As I do not even live in the US, I am assuming that there would be no point in putting my name on the list, or is that not correct? Because I would really like one!

    Thank you so much for this fascinating information.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hey Chrissie,

      They had a waiting list for those who wanted to order. They’re waiting list page is currently down at the moment, so I can’t check to verify if the ring will be available outside of New York. However if I had to guess I would say they will make the ring available to places outside of New York. If you would like to stay updated about the ring, you can subscribe for email updates at this link: https://tokenring.com/applicat

      Thanks for reading!

  11. That is probably the coolest gadget I have seen in a couple of days. I love the idea of it and while it might be still very new and buying all the third party accessories seems inconvenient and like you said costly. It is the future already here. It is so freaking cool I totally want one. No more keys and credit cards. Well done.

    • Yes this ring is the most versatile tech that I have seen in a while. Hopefully I can get one myself when it’s out for the public.

      Thanks for reading Hendrik!

  12. It seems like a good idea for convenience sake….but it kind of would be convenient for a thief, if say they were to chop of your hand and use it to gain access to everything!  Would that be possible?  That is a serious draw back, you would be a target by thieves if you were sighted with such a ring.  The good thing about the conventional way is that, if you get robbed by someone face to face for example, you would not lose everything and even if you did they would have to figure which key goes to where and what.  Which could give you time to change your locks, prepare to defend your home theoretically speaking.

    What about online security with the app, would it be possible for hackers to gain access to everything thru the app?

    I would not consider buying this, it is not that bad carrying around keys, i have one key for the house, one key for my car thats it, then of course my wallet and phone, its not so bad.  If they got my phone they would have to figure out the security grid and even if they did they wouldnt have access to everything.

    • Hey Isaac,

      You made a great point. In a drastic measure that someone cuts off your hand, they would be able to use your finger to access your ring. However, the same way you can report when your purse or wallet is stolen, you would be able to do the same thing with your ring.

      The app is secured, but as with any app hackers could be a possible threat. I guess it all comes down to preference on whether the token ring is a good fit for you. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

  13. Oh wow that is amazing! I love that it doesn’t look too bulky and it’s really stylish. How handy would it be? I’m always digging around in my handbag trying to find passes and cards. This would save me so much time and make my bag lighter without having to carry around so many things!

  14. I just love wearable technology. I think the smart ring is really interesting and it is amazing what technology can do these days. My main concern about this product is that I would lose it! For example, if I took it off to do the washing up at someone else’s house or something and forgot to put it back on. I’d also worry about theft in general and wonder if someone got a hold of the ring would they be able to just go and purchase anything? Or would there be some kind of biometric recognition attached the ring (e.g. skin lines) so would lock out if someone else was wearing it? It also seems it might be the last step before actual microchipping which enables the same functions, but obviously does not have the risk of theft (however, there is no way I would want to be microchipped!). Oh what a brave new world we are entering…It will be interesting to see where this technology goes and how many people end up adopting it.

    • Hey Liz,

      You asked some great questions. The token ring has biometric security built into it. So it needs your fingerprint to unlock the capabilities of the ring. Once the ring recognizes your fingerprint, it has an IR optical sensor that lets it know if your finger is in the ring. When the IR optical sensor recognizes that you have taken off the ring, the token ring will lock. So the ring won’t work unless you authenticate yourself with your fingerprint and then put the ring on. These sensors were meant to protect you in situations  where you may lose the ring or it gets stolen.

      I’ve heard others say that this reminded them of micro chipping too. That is a great point. I don’t ever see myself getting micro-chipped either lol.

      Thanks for reading!

  15. wow this is so out if this world 😂 lol. But then with all the new technology coming out this days, you just never know what they could come up with next. This is almost like the chip idea i read about sometime ago except this is visible and i guess you can easily remove if needed. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I am amazed! I am all for the simple and easy things. I have never seen a “smart” ring tho. Or token ring. This is brilliant and I could for sure see myself using something like this as I am know for always misplacing my wallet etc but I always have my jewellery on. I really liked that you can get it in silver and gold, it will really make it look like just another ring. Absolutely brilliant. I am curious to know how much it will cost tho.

    • Hey Alexandra,

      I agree, the token ring can definitely make life simpler.The ring is priced at $249 on the website.

      Thanks for reading!

  17. Hi Jasmine,

    It’s really Cool man! This stylish Token Smart Ring has so many useful features and you will never misplace your car key again but it still in the testing mode.

    What is the price and when it will be available for order? I am so eager to get one and had placed an order on the waiting list.

    Thank you for recommending this Token Smart Ring to us. I share it with my friends too.


    • Hey Zayne,

      I agree the token ring would make life much easier. The price right now is $249 and there is currently a waiting list for the ring. The link to join the waiting list is at the end of the article.

      Thanks for reading!

  18. This is a super cool way to keep a pair of keys on you without having a huge keyring of them on you at all times. I would personally use a car key ring and home key ring all the time. Have you tried using a token ring and did it make your life more convenient? Was it worth it?

    • Hey Joe,

      I haven’t tried using the token ring yet. It’s currently a waiting list to join if you want to order the ring. However, i think it would definitely make life more convenient if i did have one.

  19. This is a new gadget for me, but the Token Smart Ring seems like one that is going to gain wide acceptance and users once it is out of the test phase in NYC. It sounds more useful than smartwatches in many ways (although I bet that future versions of smartwatches will include some of these features).

    The smart ring will help alleviate some of the aggravating areas in our lives that can irritate us…Forgetting the car keys (or locking them inside the vehicle), finding the keys to the house when bringing groceries in, or paying for stuff and having to pull out your wallet…

    It seems easy enough to set up, and I do agree with you that having to buy the kits for each feature is an upsell that easily could be part of the ring offer. This is a way to squeeze more profit out of a unique and new concept. Nonetheless, I will sign up to get a notification when it goes on sale, I love gadgets! Thanks for the great review of this new Token Smart Ring…

    • Hey Dave,

      The token smart ring is definitely a great convenience.  I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Feel free to come back and share your experience if you buy it for yourself.

      Thanks for reading!

  20. Wow – I absolutely love the idea of the Token Ring! Defiantly for the future. Your comment about the optical sensor knowing your finger was there made me wonder – can you wear it on any finger? Or do you need to get it sized? Do our fingers have prints on them like our fingertips? Very interesting review – thank you for this information! 

    • Hey Tama,

      So they didn’t say it required a specific finger. I guess that depends on which finger you would prefer to wear it on. Then when you order it, you just give them the ring size of whichever finger you choose. 

      As for the the ring, when you set it up with your fingerprint, the sensor will read it, and that will be the key to unlocking the ring in order to use it.

      Thanks for reading!

  21. Hi Jasmine,

    As I was reading your article I found myself wondering “what does the future have in store for us?”. It seems that technology is accelerating at an ever increasing rate, much faster than previous years and I find it quite exciting to watch.

    You mentioned in your article that the Token ring is secured with EAL5 technology. Would you happen to what that is and how it works?

    Keep up the good work


  22. I like this Idea, so, if I purchase the Token Ring and the Hardware that works with the Ring I could eliminate the need to carry Car keys, Credit Cards and also log in to my computer. Thank You for your clear explanation. Could this be used relative to a Driver License?  I assume that Bluetooth works along with the installed App in my Cell Phone. Would I need a strong Cell signal at my home in order for the Token Ring to unlock and lock my door? I may be revisiting your Website for updates as this is being tried or tested in NY.

    Thank You


    David W.

    • Hey Lonnie,

      I don’t think it can be used relative to a drivers license. Maybe that can be something they look into in the future because that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. 

      The token ring doesn’t use Bluetooth to unlock the door, it uses Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC allows technology to communicate without the need of an internet connection as long as they’re in close proximity to each other. So to unlock your door using the token ring, all  you have to do is hover the ring over the Token Home kit that’s installed on your door.

      Thanks for reading, and i will try to keep this article updated with any new information.

  23. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about this Smart Ring which looks like the exact type of thing that makes my bacon sizzle. This thing looks so futuristic, I was getting all ready and excited to buy it online until I read that it was only available in NY for testing. But thanks for the article anyway, I’ll be one of the first to buy it when it becomes available in Canada.

  24. I think I could use one of these right now. I often leave my keys and wallet at home and have to take corrective measures. Just today I was at Home Depot looking at keyless door locks. Our car door and engine operate without a key. But the key need to be close for the NFC to work.

    Do you have any information on the time frame when this token smart ring will become commonplace? I was confused about an aspect of the product. You stated that only one finger is used to program the ring. But two fingers are necessary to verify authenticity. I feel I misunderstood how that works. When you said “paired fingerprint” I assumed you meant paired with a second finger. In retrospect you probably meant the finger paired with the device. If you can put me straight I’d sure appreciate it. 

    We are moving into a brave new world. I just hope technology stays several steps ahead of the hackers. 

  25. Has anyone actually heard of any updates from the company? Is there an estimated release date? I’ve been waiting for this ring since 2017 and it seems as if there has been little to no coverage or updates. This article was the latest article I could find that had any sort of update on the ring (I didn’t know the ring was being tested in NY), but this article is still almost a year old.

    • I haven’t heard any recent updates. The link to their waiting list no longer works and it also didn’t work when i tried to sign up to receive updates. I’m not sure what is currently happening with the product when I hear about any updates I’ll come back to edit this post.

    • I went back and did some research and it looks like they plan on rolling out the ring in Q1 of 2020 with limited features until the next roll out. I’ll update this post with more detail and the link to their article containing their road map plan

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