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Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon is very well-established in the tech space, and now has expanded into the realm of wireless headphones. They recently released their wireless Amazon Echo Buds, which has been the talk of the tech world for the past few days. Now that they have finally been released, I guess the next major question is do these headphones have what it takes to hold their ground against more established wireless headphones, such as the Apple air pods?

What makes these different?

We all know wireless headphones have become a popular accessory. So I’m sure you’re wondering what gives the amazon echo buds any leverage over it’s competitors? Let’s go through the features.

Alexa enabled

The Amazon echo buds allow you to be hands free with access to Alexa voice commands. So you won’t have to pull out your phone to talk to Alexa. Once the echo buds are paired with your phone, all you have to do is use the wake up command “Alexa” with your headphones in, and you can leave your phone right in your pocket. You can use Alexa to stream music from your platform of choice such as spotify or Pandora and can skip songs, control the volume, and switch artists all with voice commands. You can also access your calendar, make calls, or even get directions. The apps that Alexa connect to are continuously growing, which means life will continue to grow more convenient for you. Things such as requesting ubers, ordering food online, guided workouts are all good examples of how easy it is to do things without having to lift a finger. You can find all the “skills” (apps Alexa connect to) in the skills section of the Alexa app.

However, all phones are not compatible with Echo Buds for Alexa control. Don’t fret just yet though, because the echo buds can be used with other hands – free smart assistants such as Siri and Google assistant.

Active noise reduction

Amazon partnered with Bose to introduce the active noise reduction feature. This gives you the ability to limit the background noise within your headphones. To do that, you double tap one of your earbuds. That way you can hop back and forth between the noise reduction mode and Pass through mode, which is when the echo buds enhance the background noise so that you can easily hear what’s happening around you and engage in conversations without having to remove your echo buds.

Option to mute mics

For those who are concerned with the privacy of having Alexa in your ears, the echo buds give you the option to mute the mics with the Alexa app. It also gives you control of your voice recordings, and provides you the options to hear or delete them anytime.

Battery Life

The echo buds also come with a charging case like the air pods. With a full charge, they have up to 5 hours of music playback,  a quick 15 minute charge has up to 2 hours of music playback, and with the charging case it has up to 20 hours of music playback.

Sweat Resistant & Customizable

The echo buds were built sweat-resistant, which comes in handy during workouts and any fitness activity. They also come with 3 different sizes of wing tips and ear tips. The sizes are small, medium, and large. So you can determine the best size to fit your ear snugly to enhance your echo bud experience.

Set Up and Price

The Amazon echo buds are also pretty simple to set up. It only consists of 2 steps:

1. Open the Alexa app on your phone

2. Open the echo buds case until you see a blue light. When a pop – up notification appears on your phone, tap it in the app to finish the set up.

The pricing of the echo buds are currently set at approximately half the price of Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Are they worth the purchase?

Of course there is no such thing as a perfect product. When researching the product, I looked for any disadvantages that might affect its purchase value. One of the most common complaints I’ve seen so far is that one headphone may die faster than the other one, which can be understandably annoying. Also, if you’re in a very noisy place, sometimes it may be hard for alexa to hear your voice controlled commands through the echo buds. Lastly, to use the Alexa voice control feature, the echo buds will have to be connected with WiFi or a mobile data connection. Without either, the echo buds can only be used as regular bluetooth connected headphones.

While weighing the disadvantages against the price and capabilities, I think the Amazon echo buds seem like a valuable purchase. The voice controlled Alexa features paired with the noise canceling technology sounds like a perfect combination for hands free technology. Even if using Alexa or any other smart assistant, is not at the top of your list, other features such as sweat resistance and noise reduction, paired with this affordable price still makes the Amazon echo buds a great purchase. You also have the option to make monthly payments for 5 months instead of paying the full price up front. This would be a great gift with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up. They’re now available for purchase on Amazon.

If you have any questions or your own review of the Amazon echo buds, feel free to drop some comments.


  1. $130 seems like a very good bargain for these! I’m a big fan of the new technology of ear buds, I still remember having the cords always getting caught on something when you’re moving around and interrupting your listening! With all of these extra features like connecting with alexa and things like that, I can’t wait to get these! Thank you for the review! 

  2. Over the years, Amazon has become a household name for being the leading online retail mega store. Thousands of products are offered through their platform and they are known for their reliability. This high regard extends to the products manufactured by Amazon itself. Ear buds are a  beautiful piece of tech and the the Echo Buds are more so with the incorporation of Amazon’s AI, Alexa. Compared to other Ear buds on the market, Amazon’s Echo Buds are relatively cheaper.

  3. That’s pretty cool, the Amazon echo buds. I haven’t had my Alexa for that long but the ability you mentioned to mute the mics for increased privacy really appeals to me. Last thing in the world I want is some Amazon technician somewhere listening to my commands! After all, he might hear me ask some boneheaded things lol 😉 Anyways thanks for reviewing the Amazon Echo earbuds, just what I needed to read.

    • I agree. Being able to turn off the mics really stood out to me because there has been a lot of privacy discussions around this type of tech. Thanks for reading!

  4. This seems very interesting and would be very useful during jogging or bike rides in a quiet area. The only issue I have with this is how it needs to be connected to wifi or mobile data, both of which probably wouldn’t be available most of the time when I’m outside without my phone. I am still fascinated with these ear buds and would like to give them a try. $130 isn’t too expensive and would make a nice Christmas gift.

    • It only needs to have a wifi  or mobile data connection if you want to be able to access Alexa. Usually running on mobile data allows you to do things if you leave your phone while you’re going for a run. That has been my experience with other similar technology that connects using mobile data. Also, even if for some reason you aren’t able to connect with either of those, you can still connect with Bluetooth and get the basic functions of wireless headphones.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Wow, Amazon has really gone into big big technology gadgets now. Great to see that they also have a very nice ear buds here. I would very much like to grab one. I like the fact that ear buds really has sweat resistance and is also connected to Alexa. Easily, I would be able to play music and maybe access my ebooks too. Nice review here. Looks good.

    • Yes they have great features for a decent price. If you’re interested in buying, you can click on the link in the last sentence of this article and it’ll take you to the product on amazon.
      As a heads up, if you buy from the link in my article I will get a commission for it but not at any additional cost to you.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. For what is being offered by these ear buds, they are actually very okay to me and  like them. I personally like ear buds since they have become the norms in our lives and surely, they are a great addition because they have really helped to move us forward rather than the annoying connected wire that kept hanging and often caught things around. This is nice and I like it. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I will check them out

  7. The Amazon Echo Buds are really nice from what I have read in this review. Though I am not really interested in the Alexa or any other smart assistant, I must say I love all the other features; for me they’re very useful especially the sweat resistance and noise reduction features. Thanks for sharing this new technology!

  8. I think these sound pretty cool! Well-written and informative article! Coming from someone who does use wireless earbuds, but my only experience is with one brand, Jaybird, I may be able to provide you with a couple “beginner geared” questions: 1) Can you explain why the Alexa feature is only useable through wifi and not Bluetooth? 2) I noticed you mentioned that some of the reviews you’ve seen claim one bud may die faster than the other…could you elaborate on how much faster on average one may stop working than the other, and how long after first beginning to use the product as new might this begin to happen?

    Price is definitely an impressive selling point; maybe mention that interested buyers should keep an eye out for upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? My Jaybirds were $200 and no Alexa or any other voice-recognition features!

    Overall, nicely-written article with eye-catching image! I also like how you sum up the simple setup directions and how you compare them with competition products (especially the overpriced Apple!) to further justify the worth and value in pricing! Nice job!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for the feedback. As for your first question, the Alexa feature is only available through wifi or your mobile phone data because it requires connectivity to the Alexa app on your phone. Without either of those connections, you can still use the echo buds with a Bluetooth connection. However, with a Bluetooth connection, you won’t be able to use the Alexa feature with the echo buds. 

      In response to your second question, I’ve seen several reviews of each echo bud having a different battery life, but did not see how long it took for that to happen after they bought the product.

      I also think mentioning this as a good purchase for upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday is a great idea. I will update my article to mention that. That was a great catch.

      Thanks for the great insight!

  9. Hi, Jasmine.
    Thanks for sharing your review on Amazon Echo buds. I was really in need of one so your article was like a pleasant surprise for me. With Alexia, its like bonus. Just one silly dubt to bother you – Can it be used while walking or driving – I mean it seems that they may get dropped out of ear while in motion.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hey Gaurav,

      Yes you’re able to use them while walking or driving. The echo buds come with wing tips and ear tips to ensure a secure fit in your ear.

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Wow, Amazon has done a very good job to be a able to put this out. I have to say that it is very very impressive to see this post here on the buds. They look very top-notch with very nice features as well. The buds can control the amazon virtual assistance and is also relatively cheap. I should get one of them. Thank for sharing!

    • Hey John,

      Glad you like them. If you click on the image of the echo buds or the link in the last sentence of the last paragraph, it will take you to amazon if you’re interested in purchasing. Just for disclosure, if you buy from the link in my article I will get a commission for it but not at any additional cost to you.

      Thanks for reading!

  11. The price first off is awesome for the quality and the Alexa capability that you get. The style nd the comfort of wearing the ear buds are second to none in my opinion. Very comfortable,lightweight you will forget you are wearing them. Do I like mine? Absolutely and I would highly reccomend them to anyone in the market for quality earbuds.

  12. I like the sound of these earbuds! (No pun intended). They are pricey, but it seems that if a person is able to take care of them, then they are worth the cost. Do you have to use Alexa to use these? I don’t have it set up on my phone, but it will work if I want it to.

    They are so snazzy looking. It’d be great to get up and not have your ears ripped off if you forget to remove the buds before you walk away from the phone. Also, to be able to wash dishes without having soapy water splash the phone sounds really cool.

    Can they work with non-Amazon devices? I use earbuds with my Roku remote when I’m watching movies at night. Thanks for the article!

    • Hey Cathy,

      You don’t have to use Alexa if you don’t want to. You would just get more out of the earbuds if you did. And yes, you can also use them with non amazon devices because they have Bluetooth connectivity available.

      Thanks for reading!

  13. Hey, thanks for giving me some details on these! I’m actually shopping for these right now, they’re on my Christmas list.

    I have looked at everything from full-blown Bose headphones, to smaller ear buds like these. WOW they have a huge price advantage over the Apple alternative. I trust Apple products, but they abuse their brand status by overcharging for everything. This product sounds exactly right. 

    Still though… do you think I could find some decent, gently used Amazon Echo buds on eBay??

    • Yes the price is great compared to the air pods. As for their availability on eBay I’m not sure. I’m not a frequent user of eBay, but there is a possibility someone could be looking to sell.

      If you’re looking to buy these, you can click on the image in this article or the link in the last sentence of the last paragraph. 

      As a heads up, if you buy from the link in my article I will get a commission for it but not at any additional cost to you.

      Thanks for reading!

  14. It’s pretty awesome that the Amazon echo buds connect to Alexa, and everything Alexa can do, on a mere voice command. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but wait, it’s the present! 😉

     We have Alexa at work and I love using it. I’ve only used it for music though. I didn’t know that Alexa could connect to many more apps. I’m impressed.

    The echo buds have great features, they’re even sweat resistant, I wonder what material was used to achieve that. It looks like a good deal to me, and the echo buds seem to last a long time. Do they come with guarantee?

    • Hi Christine,

      I don’t see anything about a guarantee on Amazon. The most I’ve seen is a warranty and accident protection. 

      Thanks for reading!

  15. Awesome review of the Amazon echo buds. I’ve been in the market for some earbuds and with the cost of many, I’ve been hesitant to ‘pull the trigger’ and buy some. This is definitely doable with the payment option especially. Thanks so much. I think I found my next ear buds. They have the features I want and affordable. 😀 

    • Thanks for reading Paula. If  you’re interested in buying you can click on the image in this article or the link in the last sentence of the last paragraph. It’ll take you directly to the amazon site to purchase. Just as a heads up I would get a commission of you purchase from a link in this article, but at no extra cost to you.

      Thanks for reading!

  16. Wow, what a great post, I have heard of this Alexa but I never bothered, this is because I thought the pricing would be just the same as the Apple iPod, having gone through this post I come to realize that this is all what I have been looking for because being working in a busy airport I really need some ear clothing and I believe this will help me alot, what I am not sure is how soon can I get it. I am from Africa and in my near by shops I don’t think they have the product.

    kindly help me on any easy way to access them, am ready to purchase several pairs.

    thank you for sharing this post ..am looking forward to read more from you.

    • Hey Joy,

      If you click on the image of the echo buds in this article, it’ll take you directly to the amazon where they can be purchased and shipped to you. You can also click on the red link at the end of the last paragraph to get to the purchase site as well. There you will have the option of paying the full $130 or paying $26 per month for 5 months.

      Just as a disclosure, if you purchase from a link in my article I will get a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Let me know if you need any more help purchasing, and thanks for reading!

  17. Next they’ll just be implanted in your head to make them even more convenient, lol!  Wow – technology is just moving so quickly.  No need to pull out the phone, just put in the buds, say “Alexa” and you’ve got the world at your fingertips.  I just can’t even believe how quickly things have evolved in my lifetime.  It’s crazy!  These are sleek and beautiful, and I’m buying them for my son for Christmas.  He’s all about convenience and technology.  Now I just have to hope he doesn’t buy them himself in the meantime.

    • Hey Babsie,

      Yes, it seems like technology has evolved so quickly.  I’m sure he’ll really enjoy these for Christmas.

      Thanks for reading! 

  18. Thanks for your review of the Amazon Echo Buds.  I personally have never owned Bluetooth earbuds or headphones.  My kids have some and seem to like them.  However, their’s are made by Apple.  At $129 I would honestly be worried about losing one of them or both of them.  But they do look like they would be better than the standard corded earphones.

    • Hey Brian,

      I’m glad your kids are enjoying them. Yes it can be pricey compared to regular headphones but the convenience is well worth the price.

      Thanks for reading!

  19. Hey there,

    Are there any things that cannot be found and bought from Amazon? 🙂 Personally I don’t know what it is like to talk to Alexa (I never did this by now); however, in my opinion, these buds from Amazon bring advantage also by the fact that they would not distract you from activities like driving the car, like other non hands-free devices & gadgets would do. The Echo Buds are likely to turn people into real Voice Commanders and this is a clear sign of the technical progress we are facing nowadays!

    Best regards and enjoy the Amazon Echo Buds!


    • Hey Peter,

      Yes being able to talk to Alexa does make multi-tasking much easier. Soon enough we won’t have to do anything but give commands and let technology do the rest.

      Thanks for reading!

  20. As an avid runner I am a big fan of wearable tech.  The amazon echo ear buds look nice and would make life a great deal easier for me.  The current earbuds I use are not compatible with Alexa so I am constantly having to switch out my earbuds which is inconvenient at times. 

    I love the fact that the Amazon Echo earbuds can interface with both Alexa and Google.  Secondly I spend a great deal of time on my phone which means I often need noise cancelling which Bose is well known for.  Making this great for myself and a great gift idea for a few people in my family.  I am pleased to stumble across this thank you.

    • Hey Pamela,

      I’m glad you like the features of the echo buds. I agree that it’s great that it can work with more than one voice assistant. That gives it an advantage over headphones that only seem to work with one. If  you do purchase them feel free to stop back and give your personal review of them.

      Thanks for reading!

  21. Gee!  New technology ones for headphones and ear buds are everywhere.  Great gifts for any friends or relatives who enjoy listening to the music or other channels.  For me?  it is not working for me BUT it is working for them.  I’m sure that they’d love those.  Thanks for sharing that information!!!!  I’d appreciate that!

  22. The amazon Echo buds is the best bluetooth  I ll ever used because it has so many functions,its very loud and gives you the bass of the song and the most amazing  part of it is the command  voice notes,if you have a call you dont need to bring out your phone just say the commanding tone and its picked already if you have not  gotten  one and you  are seeing this post I  ll advise you too thanks for this list 

  23. What a brilliant idea!  Wireless ear buds!  I just love these and the price is right so that I will never have to untangle wires again!  I also like the fact that the noise cancellation can be turned on and off with just a tap.  The Alexa compatibility is what makes these truly exceptional.  To be able to do everything hands free will be awesome!  Great Christmas present, too!

  24. Awesome write-up you’ve got here, I read about the echo bud last month, just a little research, and I found myself here. At the price I’m seeing, I believe the Amazon Echo Buds are a great value. and their sheer number
    of useful features, like hands-free Alexa access and also awesome Bose ANR,
    that make them a great purchase. I will get it asap. 

    Thank’s for sharing. 

    • Yes Amazon did a great job with the pricing of their echo buds considering all of it’s functionalities. Feel free to stop by after your purchase to share your personal review of the echo buds.

      Thanks for reading Jordan!

  25. Great job! Your post was clean, simple and to the point, without a bunch of hype. If someone has an interest in Amazon Echo Buds but still has some questions I think your post has answered them all. The fact that they are put out by Amazon adds a ton of credibility. I wouldn’t have any doubts about ordering through you if I wanted to buy a pair.

  26. I have been mulling over the idea of getting a pair of wireless headphones for quite some time.  There are many different styles, over the head and in the ear, to choose from.

    I like the idea of the small “in the ear” type of wireless headgear.  Even though they don’t give you many hours of listening time, (as in a couple of days, opposed to a few hours), I like the more hands-free approach with no wires that always seem to get in the way and less bulk of the gizmo. 

    Do you think they would be good with android devices?

    This option would suit me well and the cost is very reasonable.  Next item to save for on the bucket list.

    This has been very useful,


    • Hey Wayne,

      Yes they are also available with android devices. However, there are some phones that aren’t compatible with it. I’m not sure what type of phone you have, but you can click here to look at the list of phones they mentioned aren’t compatible with echo on the go devices (echo buds in this case). If you do decide to purchase them, don’t hesitate to come back and share your personal review of them.

      Thanks for reading!

  27. The feature I like the most is that these buds can get connected to Alexa voice commands. I love how Alexa has been making our life so convenient. And I also know this is just the beginning.

    Cool wireless earbuds. I almost purchased Apple’s AirPods Pro two weeks ago. I’m glad I didn’t. Thanks for this review!

    • I agree, the Alex voice command really makes the echo buds a great choice of wireless headphones. And no problem. Feel free to come back and share your personal review if you decide to purchase.

      Thanks for reading!

  28. I have been interested in reading about the complaints. But it seems that these Echo buds are really good. I really don’t mind that one bud stops working first than the other. And when we’re in noisy places, it’s natural that these issues happen. So, these complaints won’t detour me from purchasing them.

    • Yes I was also interested in reading the complaints to see what issues people were having. I agree that these aren’t major issues to be worried too much about. There’s no such thing as a perfect product.

      Thanks for reading!

  29. I have been excited since I learnt that Amazon was also going to lunch their wireless buds. But now that I’m reading your review, what has made me immediately make up my mind to buy them is that they’re half the price of Apple’s AirPods Pro. A very good purchase, in my book.

    • Yes Amazon did a great job of using competitive pricing. Feel free to come back and share your personal review if you decide to purchase.

      Thanks for reading!

  30. While I was reading your review I was wondering (I didn’t see it anywhere) how long, distance talking, are these capable of? Can you be in the shower with them while your phone is in the room on the other side of the house, or is there a limit when it comes to this? Knowing me, I still have normal earphones and if I were to buy these I would need to know about that type of capability 

    • Hey Stephanie,

      That’s a great question. I don’t see that being mentioned anywhere on Amazon. However from experience with similar devices, I can assume that it should still work fine if your phone is left in another room. Especially if you’re using Wi-Fi or your mobile data connection. When using a Bluetooth connection, there’s usually a shorter distance that is needed for the connection to remain good. But being in different rooms still should not disrupt a Bluetooth connection either.  So I think that is determined on how you decide to connect to the echo buds. But I honestly don’t know what the max distance would be in order for it still to work. If I come across a more definitive answer I’ll make sure to drop under your comment and update the article.

      Thanks for reading!

  31. This was a very thorough review of the Amazon Echo Buds and I appreciate the time and care you tool creating the post. I think these provide great value for the money, which as I understand from reading the comments is $130. Are these available globally?

    The reason I ask is that currently, I am in Dubai and although Amazon has entered the market here through a takeover of a similar smaller company there are times when products like these are not. I sure hope they are, as they would make an ideal Christmas gift for several of my friends.

    They are feature-rich, and they also work in many different environments (i.e. gym, loud noisy area, etc.) and the battery life is pretty good too compared to some of the earlier versions people around here have now. After reading this review, I am ready to buy!

    • Hey Dave, I’m not 100% sure if it’ll be available in Dubai. I think the quickest way to find out is to go to amazon and add it to your cart. Then try filling in your address when they request shipping information to see if it’s available to you. If you click on the image in this article or the link in the last paragraph, it’ll take you directly to the echo buds on amazon. If you are able to purchase, don’t hesitate to stop by again to share your own personal review of them.

      Thanks for reading!

  32. These seem like a very, very powerful piece of technology. True wireless earbuds are so hyped up these days, and for good reason. Amazon coming out with their very own pair will certainly add more fuel to this fire, especially with the Alexa enabled feature. I have personally tried 3 popular true wireless earbuds, so its great to get some insight on these to see if they would be worth a try. What is your personal favourite feature from these earbuds?

    • Hey Kohl,

      I think my personal favorite would be a tie between the noise reduction feature. Mainly because it can become hard for me to focus sometimes when there is a lot of noise. So this feature would help me out a lot when I need to be focused in a noisy setting.

  33. Hey, this is a cool gift idea! I never knew there was such thing as these. I know about Alexa but I didn’t know there are Amazon echo buds that there’s these hands free Alexa access. It’s also pretty cool that Amazon partnered with Bose because Bose has the best sound system around. This is a very good review you did here, thanks.

  34. Wireless headphones are making their mark on our world. My children don’t want any other kind. The price for this seems pretty decent. My son bought Apple ones, they didn’t meet up to his mark; I think these will be what he is getting for Christmas. 

    Although I am curious, how long does it take to fully charge them?

    • Hey jagi,

      That’s a great question because I don’t see anywhere mentioning how long it takes to charge it. But if I do come across so more information about this I’ll stop by and leave it under this comment.

      Thanks for reading!

  35. These Amazon Echo Buds are pretty damn cool. Even though I am a fan of the Apple iPhone and other Apple mobile devices, I really like the design and functionality of the Echo Buds over that of the Apple Air Pods. So that brings me to my question. You mention that not all phones are compatible with the Amazon Echo Buds, but can work with Siri and Google Assistant. Would these ear buds work with my iPhone X or any other models of iPhone 7 and up?

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